Rehearsals & More

It has been a while since we have posted anything about the latest goings on with regards to The Moonliters Big Band. That is not to say that we haven't had a lot happening.


In September we started up our rehearsals again at our home base. It has been very strange sitting in our old space without the presence of our beloved Manager, Auxiliary Percussionist, and Arranger, Al Turner.

As we go through our day to day activities it becomes even more clear how many jobs Al did for the band. We now have to figure out who does what. And as new roles get assigned to board members, we, along with his family, are still very much grieving his loss.  

As of this week however, we will be moving our weekly rehearsals to a local school. Like last year, proper ventilation in the winter is of primary importance, and thanks to a local band teacher and School District 34, we have a home away from home during the cold fall and winter months. 

Upcoming Shows

We have a tentative dance coming up in the coming weeks. More info on that when it is confirmed. 

We are also in contact with the booking person at Bradner Hall and are looking at setting up our own dances for 2023. 

The other thing we are considering doing are dances at different times of the day outdoors. Tea Dances are something we have discussed for when the weather is warmer, and we can all congregate outdoors again. 

We will keep everyone apprised on these events both here on our website, as well as on our Facebook page

Personnel Changes

When you see us next, you will might notice some different faces popping up here there and everywhere in the band. Arguably the most obvious change is in our front row sax section. With the retirement of Ian "Doc" Graham, the band's lead alto sax player for 50 years, some players moved to different spots, which left the Tenor 2 chair permanently vacant. 

We are very pleased to say that the Tenor 2 chair has now been filled. We will be updating the Players section of this website with not only her info, but with the info of other players who have been invited to join us as well.

Yes, The Moonliters are still very much going strong. We are adapting and changing with the tumultuous times we find ourselves in. We hope that you continue to enjoy our music, and continue to support us as we bring the music of the big bands to the Fraser Valley and beyond!