Merry Christmas & Have a Happy 2023!

All the members of The Moonliters Big Band would like to take this opportunity and wish our friends, dancers, and musical colleagues a wonderful holiday season. 

For the band as a group, and individually, 2022 has been an incredibly difficult year. With the loss of Al, and the retirement of Doc, we lost a huge part of our history and heritage. That said, The Moonliters Big Band has always been much more than just one or two people. 

The Moonliters are a group who have a lot in common: Most notably, the love of big band music, and the willingness to share that music through performances. The goal is to teach youth and adults alike about the Big Band Swing era. 

The Moonliters are a musical family that is bound by strong traditions and roots. And like any family, while we may not always agree on everything, we come together when it matters, and support each other. 

In 2022, The Moonliters came together like they always do in times of crisis and loss. We have had retired players come out of retirement and backfill positions for players out on medical leave, and former members came from all over to attend Al's memorial.

Once a Moonliter, always a Moonliter. That is why this year in particular, The Moonliters are sending a very special Christmas and New Year's greeting to our former and retired members. We do miss you, and very much remember you.