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Trademarked Names Matter More Today Than Ever 

In today's online world everything matters more than it did even 10 or 15 years ago. This is especially true when it comes to names, because names are how things get "tagged" in the online world. 

Say for example you are on Twitter and you are tweeting about a particular product or store you are happy about. All you do is type # and the name of whatever it is you're tweeting about. The same applies across almost all social media platforms. The # has become the most powerful character in online platforms. It has the power to make or break a service, store, person's reputation. You name it, the # can either elevate something to a place of reverence, or lower it six feet under. 

When a company or organization goes to the expense—yes, it costs money—to trademark their name, they own that name, and have a piece of paper from whatever department of the government in their country issues trademarks, which states that they have the exclusive rights to the use of that name.

Here in Canada, the government department that issues trademarks is the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). The CIPO's areas of activity include trademarks, patents, industrial designs and copyright. In short, the CIPO deals with administering and processing Canadian intellectual property. 

The Moonliters are a registered charity, and our official name is: The Valley Society for the Advancement and Preservation of the Music of the Big Bands. However, the names we go by, The Moonliters or The Moonliters Big Band, are protected by a registered trademark. Yup, the spelling of Moonliters is a registered trademark belonging to The Valley Society for the Advancement and Preservation of the Music of the Big Bands. 

Any person or organization using the spelling Moonliters in their name, in any way, is violating intellectual property laws, and infringing on our trademark. By law no one is legally allowed to do this, and if they do, are leaving themselves open to legal action. 

Getting back to the point about tagging: As mentioned previously, any organization using our spelling of "Moonliters" in its name is violating intellectual property laws. However, it doesn't end there since it also interferes with our social media presence—with the wrong group getting tagged—and even prevents us from signing up for accounts with our rightful name.

Until we get this matter straightened out, if you are tagging this Moonliters Big Band—the one based out of Abbotsford—please note that not all our social media accounts are simply named "The Moonliters" or "The Moonliters Big Band". We are having to get a bit creative with our naming at times simply because another group in Canada is currently still using our name, despite repeated asks by us to stop doing so.

Hopefully once this matter is straightened out the transition on all social media platforms will be seamless. If not, we'll post more info here as well as on our social media accounts. 

Like swing music? Come on out on March 31st 

Next Sunday, March 31, The Moonliters are proud to announce that we will be the band performing for Suburban Swing's inaugural dance, as they move into the historic Matsqui Hall. 

Tickets are available through the Suburban Swing website, and are $12 if you buy them online before the 27th. After that they are $18 both online and at the door.

Here is a bit of history about this historic hall from the Suburban Swing website: 

Between 1907 and 1915 the original Matsqui hall was built. 

The hall was a Pole Barn type with a roof but no walls or flooring. 

Then June 19, 1931 – plans were made to tear down the old hall and rebuild. The Harmanacias Orchestra were willing to put on a series of open air dances with proceeds going to the hall. Thus was born the dance hall that is there today. 

​This is a real 1930s dance hall! 3500 sq feet of open, sprung hardwood, horse hair dance floor! 30 foot ceilings! Stage! Built in snack bar! Kitchen! 

We hope to see some of you there for a great evening of NOTHING BUT SWING MUSIC from the 40s to present day. Undoubtedly a good time will be had by all! 

Don't forget your dancing shoes!

A leap forward in technology 

Although we are a band that has 40+ year history, and specializes in music that originally became popular 70+ years ago, we made a major leap forward in technology yesterday when we got our online ticket sales up and running. This was possible through our amazing hosting company, Bandzoogle.

Bandzoogle is a unique web host that specializes in assisting bands in creating websites that are are unique to them, and helps them shine the spotlight exactly where it needs to be. As a musician, I am not a professional web designer. I just learned how to create sites to showcase particular aspects of the instrument world.

When I heard about Bandzoogle from a drummer I used to work with, I thought this would be perfect for The Moonliters. It would allow us to create a site to act as a foundation, yet was adaptable to whatever our future needs might be. Fast forward to yesterday when we activated the Store portion of our site. 

If you are a musician, and are looking to update or develop a website for your group or solo act, I strongly encourage you to give Bandzoogle a look. The content management system (CMS) is easy to figure out, and they are constantly offering free webinars, advice, and ideas on how to improve your online presence. Their tech support is good as well. 

Want to know what's new with The Moonliters? 

These days there seems to be a lot going on with The Moonliters. A good way to keep up with what's new is to follow us on facebook. There we try to keep people up to date with the big news. 

Although we've never made use of a weblog, as the web person for the band, I am hoping that perhaps we can capture some of the smaller stuff here, on our website. How this weblog might evolve is completely a mystery at this point. Will it grow legs? Will it wither on the vine?

My hope is that it could be a place were band members come and contribute something themselves. It could be where our fans contribute as well. Who knows?

At this point anything is possible. For now I'm just going to put this here and to quote one of our songs: "Let's see what happens."