Trumpet 1

Greg Graham

Greg thanks his Dad for giving him the gift of music. The piano, guitar, ukulele, or accordion were heard constantly while he was growing up. 

The years spent in the NWSS band program playing trumpet enhanced Greg's love of music. It was when Bob Schaeffer started the stage band program, that Greg was introduced to, and fell in love with swing and jazz music. 

After graduation Greg was enticed by his high school buddy Rod, to join the Army Band. There he played French horn in a part time career that spanned 41 years. Greg served both the Royal Westminster Regiment, as well as the 15th Field Artillery Bands.

With a busy family, a high pressure career, and French horn in the Army Band, the trumpet got relegated to the closet for many years. It was a chance encounter which led to Greg subbing with The Moonliters in 2005. After a fireside chat with our band's founder, Larry Homer, Greg became a full time Moonliter in 2006. 

The love of swing and jazz music is in full bloom again, and Greg enjoys making music with the great bunch of people that make up The Moonliters.

Trumpet 2

Dale Steele

Dale was recruited by Larry Homer in about the year 1972. He was an elementary school principal in Sumas, Washington, having taught music prior to the principalship. With Larry’s encouragement, Dale’s love of big band music, and the friendliness of the “Moonliter” family, he is proud to be a contributing producer of the big band sound and the preservation of the big band tradition.

Trumpet 3

Nolan Baerg

Nolan has been playing with The Moonliters since 2009. He began playing trumpet in Grade 6, under the direction of his music teacher, Chad Joiner. Little did he know then, that he would eventually be playing in a big band with his teacher. 

In addition to playing with The Moonliters, you will often find Nolan playing with the Chilliwack Symphony, Fraser Valley Stage, CSOPA, as well as various symphonies and ensembles around the Fraser Valley and Vancouver. In short, he usually goes where he is asked to play. 

One of the biggest learning moments in his musical career happened in Victoria, when Nolan had the opportunity to play with the Glen Miller Orchestra during their hour-long sound check. In Nolan's words: "Getting to see the level of professionalism and quality has continued to set my standards when playing in any musical setting."

Nolan's favourite style of music to perform is jazz, and his musical influences reflect that. He notes that Thelonious Monk, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, and Wynton Marsalis are his greatest musical influences. 

Nolan loves getting together with his fellow Moonliters on Tuesday nights. He says: "Even almost 10 years since starting, Tuesday nights continue to be a highlight."

Trumpet 4

Chad Joiner

Chad joined The Moonliters in 2011. As well as playing with us, he is also plays in J.D. Miner. Additionally, he fronts his own big band jazz band called, MEI Razzberry Jam. 

Although a graduate of Western Washington's music program, Chad originally learned to play trumpet on his own. It was the Western Washing University Jazz Ensemble however, which he credits as being the most influential in his musical life. With regards to people, Chad credits his mom for being his greatest musical influence. 

When it comes to what style of music Chad prefers to play, the choices are quite varied. His favourites however, are bluegrass and classical. 

Chad's favourite memory with The Moonliters was when he was able to play the trumpet solo in String Of Pearls without cracking a note.