Nikki Werner

Nikki is an award-nominated, professional vocalist from the Fraser Valley.

Since graduating from Capilano University in 2001 with a diploma in Vocal Jazz Performance, Nikki has performed at numerous corporate and public events over the years. Most notably, Nikki has been the lead singer of the Nikki Werner Band (NWB), a group specializing in original contemporary country music.

Nikki has also recorded two CD’s, one self titled “Nikki Werner Band” in 2004, and “Girl’s Night In” in 2007, which received airplay on Canadian country radio.

Nikki has also had the pleasure to sing off and on with The Moonliters Big Band over the past 13+ years, thus honing in on her jazz background, and belting out some of her favorite jazz standards. Nikki may be “country” at heart but that girl knows how to swing! 

Vocals & Saxophones

Sean Huston

Sean has been exercising his crooner chops with The Moonliters since shortly before 2013. When he is not providing the male, vocal lead for us, you can find him singing with the Inlet Jazz Band in Port Moody, or fronting his own men's vocal group, The Squares. The Squares perform Barbershop Harmony Arrangements of folk, rock, pop, and jazz charts.

His musical training started at an early age when he began voice lessons as a child soprano at age 10. He then added saxophone to his musical list of skills in grade 7, while attending Rosedale Secondary School. 

When it comes to musical influences, Sean's are quite varied. He writes:

"I was heavily influenced by Metallica, the ...and Justice For All album. It was my first album purchase, and remains my all time favourite long play recording. I loved the lengthy songs, with multiple time signatures, and the sophisticated power of the arrangements. In the acapella world, The Second Edition was the first high quality vocal recording I was given before the age of digital music. Huge robust sound, and accessible arrangements. In big band, my favourite recording is Atomic Swing by Count Basie. Amazing dynamic contrast with amazing controlled tempo. A masterclass in big band performance."

Sean's greatest musical influences were his parents Fred & Karen—who were both voice and piano majors at UBC—Charlie Metzger, his first barbershop chorus director, as well as his high school teacher, Janine Webster (McNichol). 

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Sean's favourite music to perform are modern arrangements of big band standards that result in a full dance floor. 

Like all Moonliters, Sean has a favourite memory from his time with the band. For him it is was his first New Year's dance. That evening he had the opportunity to ring in the New Year by dancing with his wife and son. That event still holds a special place in his heart.