Hello. Welcome to the home of The Moonliters, a Big Band—or swing band if you prefer—out of the Metro Vancouver/Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada. Although our rehearsal space is in the Abbotsford region, our members come from a wide geographical region, including Washington State.

Please pardon our slight construction zone.

As you can see, we're slowly adding to our content. It is a very slow process, as much of the band's 40+ year history was recorded in analogue, not digital technology. Please be patient, our web designer is doing the best she can in finding old band materials, as well as digitizing and restoring them.

If you were a member of The Moonliters, and have some photos, recordings, or videos to contribute from your time in the band, please get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you again!

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The Moonliters Big Band

Private Function

A leap forward in technology 

Although we are a band that has 40+ year history, and specializes in music that originally became popular 70+ years ago, we made a major leap forward in technology yesterday when we got our online ticket sales up and running. This was possible through our amazing hosting company, Bandzoogle.

Bandzoogle is a unique web host that specializes in assisting bands in creating websites that are are unique to them, and helps them shine the spotlight exactly where it needs to be. As a musician, I am not a…

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Want to know what's new with The Moonliters? 

These days there seems to be a lot going on with The Moonliters. A good way to keep up with what's new is to follow us on facebook. There we try to keep people up to date with the big news. 

Although we've never made use of a weblog, as the web person for the band, I am hoping that perhaps we can capture some of the smaller stuff here, on our website. How this weblog might evolve is completely a mystery at this point. Will it grow legs? Will it wither on the vine?

My hope is that it could be a place were…

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